Monday, April 25, 2022

Even More Coffee and Wine

When a trend hits, it hits, and that’s the case in the past year with two popular products: canned wine and spiked coffee. I received some more this past month and enjoyed them enough to pass them along.  

The ideal spritzer…

I’m old enough to remember the white wine spritzer days, when adding club soda to wine was an acceptable way of having a “light” drink. This idea has come back in an even more convenient way.

Wine Water is perfect for your summer tote. It’s just French wine and sparkling water. There is no sugar or artificial flavors. A can is only 69 calories and a low alcohol of 4.9% so you can imbibe without feeling like you are drinking too much.

The Sauvignon Blanc Wine Water is my favorite. It’s very flavorful with distinct citrus, notably grapefruit and lemon.


A special cold brew...


The other trend I am seeing a lot of is spiked coffee, but Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream is the first cold brew one I’ve tried.

These coffees are cold brewed and infused with whiskey and natural flavors, like cocoa. They come in cans so they are easy to transport and will give you a caffeine boost with your cocktail.

The Original is very good, but much stronger than I expected (it is 12.5 ABV). I prefer the Mocha to drink straight. I also suggest making a “Frappuccino” with ice and a blender. You won’t be sorry.


Another Fireman’s special blend…

I really enjoy the Fire Department Coffee Vanilla Bean Bourbon so I was more than happy to try their latest, Irish Cream.

The Fire Department Coffee Irish Whiskey did not disappoint. It’s also delicious and available in ground or beans. All you need to do is top it with a little whip cream and you have a ready-made Irish Coffee.

Let’s not forget that beyond the tasty drinks Fire Department Coffee uses profits to help first responders. You can order directly through their website.


Make your own lattes (my favorite gift) …

Speaking of coffee, I received a Christmas gift that I use at least once every day.

I’ve previously purchased frothers and they either didn’t work well or didn’t last long. This Instapot one is different. It’s a 4 in 1 so you can warm, foam cold, foam warm, or warm and thick foam. I’ve tried it with different types of milk, and it works quickly to make my morning lattes.

You can purchase the Instapot Frother at Amazon.

Monday, January 10, 2022

Happy 2022!

I know the last few years have been very strange for all of us. I hope that things start to normalize soon, whatever the “new normal” may be.

I’m trying to catch up on the products I have for testing, but also wanted to write a bit about a not so new bargain brand of cosmetics I fell in love with. As usual, there are affiliate links in this column and I always appreciate earning a little when my readers click on them.

Spread the fruit…

A selection of jam is something that’s always in my house. Whether it’s on an English muffin or a waffle, with peanut butter, cream cheese, or on its own, I love spreadable fruit. The only problem is that many brands are filled with tons of sugar and additives.

I was more than happy to try Crofter’s Organic in three of my favorite flavors: cherry, raspberry, and peach. Crofter’s is a family business that not only makes organic fruit spreads that are low in calories and sugar, and don’t cost a fortune.

 I loved all the flavors. You can purchase Crofter’s Organic fruit spreads at your local store, or on Amazon.

I’ll have the sweet potatoes…

Since gluten-free became as much of a lifestyle for some as it is a health issue for others, I’ve seen vodkas made from a lot of different products (I was not a fan of the milk). Most don’t really taste much different than what you are used to and, let’s face it, vodka doesn’t have a huge flavor profile to the untrained mouth.

I was intrigued by a vodka made from produce I eat all the time: sweet potatoes. It’s not an easy one to make as it requires 10 pounds of sweet potatoes to make one bottles, plus harvesting, curing, cleaning, cooking, and fermenting before the distillation even begins.

The question here is whether all this work is worth it. In my opinion, yes. This central California distillery has been around since 1917 and is known for its farming as well as award-winning spirits. This is another winner, with a hint of the potato’s sweetness that makes me think of getting out the cinnamon and marshmallows. That makes it a great addition to a Bloody Mary.

At about $30, Corbin Cash Sweet Potato Vodka is reasonable and well worth trying.

More peanut butter and chocolate to love…

Peanut butter is a food group of its own around here and I use PBFit products all the time. My favorite is the peanut butter chocolate blend. I love to mix it and pour it over pancakes, or add some powder to my cereal. I have made smoothies with it, but I always added in protein powder – until now.

PBFit now has Chocolate Plus, a peanut and plant protein powder with chocolate. Three scoops has only 150 calories with a whopping 20 grams of protein. There are no sugar alcohols and the sugar content is still only at five grams. Since its protein comes from peas, it’s also vegan and dairy free (the chocolate is from cacao powder, not chocolate made with milk).

I mix mine with soy or cashew milk, and a frozen banana. PBFit Chocolate Plus is available on here.

My makeup discovery is also a bargain…

It was a tough year and I started looking at ways to save money. Even though I wasn’t wearing a lot of makeup, I realized the brand I was using did cost quite a bit more than most. I decided that would be one of the first budget cuts I would made.

I did some experimenting and fell in love with e.l.f. cosmetics. They cost about a tenth of what my previous brand did and I actually found I liked them better-especially the putty. It is the best smoothing primer I’ve ever had. All of these items are less than $10, and some half of that! Just click on the pictures below to purchase.

Here’s a list of my favorites:

Poreless Putty Primer


(It goes on great with the Flawless Face Brush)

Hydrating Camo Concealer

No Budge Shadow Stick

Mist & Set