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A Different Holiday Season

It’s usually a month of celebration with family and friends. Things were certainly quite different this year. That doesn’t mean we still can’t celebrate, even if you are by yourself. Pour yourself a glass of one of this month’s finds and get ready for the New Year with some new healthy choices.   Ultimate peppermint for the season… I couldn’t think of a better spirit for the winter than RumChata Peppermint Bark . It’s rich and creamy, and full of mint flavor, without being overpowering. It’s a rum candy cane I want on the rocks, in my coffee, and definitely in my hot chocolate. (For more ideas, check out the RumChata website .) As delicious as RumChata Peppermint Bark is on its own, I could resist trying a recipe with it. Peppermint mocha is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. Here’s my recipe for some delectable Peppermint Mocha Fudge Brownies .   Bruno’s rum… After trying SelvayRey Rum on vacation, Bruno Mars fell in love and started working with the compan

Holiday Gift Ideas

While I received a variety of products this month, I decided to concentrate on some gift ideas for this column. We are all adjusting our shopping these days and online is a good way to go. Just remember that the post office is also having a rough year so be sure to allow enough time for your presents to arrive. I always appreciate it if you purchase through my affiliate links below. Also, if you are looking for handmade gifts, my Etsy shop is filled with crocheted creations. Give Himalayan Salt a try… I have tried a salt cave and found it relaxing and felt my breathing to be a little better. I have been thinking about getting a Himalayan Salt Lamp at home so I was excited when I received this one to try out . This is rather impressive for the $19.99 price. Not only does it contain the salt, but it has a wireless remote to control a dimmer night light and white noise. I can’t tell you all my health problems have been cured, but that tickle in my throat that often wakes me u

What a busy month!

Life is continually changing in 2020 and I am going with the flow. I had already cut down on traveling for health issues, and Covid-19 has made that part of my life non-existent. With all the time I’ve spent at home, I’m glad the product reviews have increased. I’ve found some wonderful things I’d like to pass along. As always, I appreciate it if you purchase through my affiliate links below. Brunch cocktails for your picnic… What a great idea this is: your favorite brunch cocktails canned for takeout. There’s still time to enjoy the outdoors and we’ve all been doing a lot more takeout than restaurant dining this year. We Picnic Brunch has Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s canned for you to take wherever you’re going. I absolutely loved the Bloody Mary, full of flavor with a little spice. It’s 5.5% ABV. The Mimosa is not quite what you might be used to as it has some other fruit flavors (not specified) in addition to the usual orange juice, but it is good. It has a 6.9% abv. Oats, the

Get Clean on the Inside and Out

  There’s no doubt that fall is here. Pumpkin spice is appearing everywhere and there is definitely a chill in the air. We are all craving different things and I certainly have them. Let’s start with the pumpkin… When I heard PBFit , the healthy and delicious powdered peanut butter, now has a Pumpkin Spice , I couldn’t wait to try it. Once I got the container, I did have to think about it. It turns out there is quite a few things you can do with it, from adding it to yogurt and smoothies, to sprinkling it on oatmeal. I wanted to create something unique with it. Since I have a new puppy in the house, I was thinking about dog treats. On the other hand, cookies sounded like a good idea. Why not do one that you can use for both? That’s exactly what I did when I created Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter Cookies . Check out the recipe here . Both Teddy and I loved them. More Flax 4Life… I mentioned last month that I had received a big box of Flax4Life products. I found two more products in t