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Some Flavorful Ogden Spirits

Things have slowed down since the holidays, but I did get a few tasty spirits this month you’ll definitely want to check out. Porter’s Fruit Whiskey… When Porter’s asked if I wanted to try out some of their whiskey, I looked at the selection and responded, “Yes” very quickly. It was hard to chose what to try first, but the Peach and Huckleberry sounded like good choices. Porter’s has produced their whiskey in their micro-distillery in Ogden, Utah, since 2009. Their flavored whiskey (they also have Fire and Apple) consists of Canadian whiskey blended with fruit. Tasting the Porter’s Peach Liqueur gives you no doubt there are actual peaches involved in the making. This is not just a flavored whiskey. The flavor is strong, with just a bit of sweetness, to give you a great sipper. While I enjoy cocktails out, at home I prefer to have bottles like this you can enjoy with a little ice. The same could be said about the Huckleberry Liqueur from Porter’s. The peach w