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Wine, Pierogis and Buffalo Chicken

My friends are used to me putting together some unique tasting parties, but I certainly got strange looks when I invited them to a selection of seven different wines, pierogis, and Buffalo chicken wings. It always starts with the wine… The 2014 Montes Alpha Carrmenere may have a deep, dark color, but that doesn’t mean it’s powerful. The green pepper, cassis, and vanilla notes makes it an easy to drink red. If you are looking for what you would expect to be a more typical red for your meal, an excellent representative of Sonoma is the 2014 Ferrari-Carano Siena . You’ll get more of the black pepper, dark fruit, and even a bit of tobacco in this one. A favorite with two red drinking friends is the 2010 Yarra Yering Dry Red Wine No 10 . This Australian blend goes for around $100, but if you’re splurging on the steak, you might as well go for the wine. I spent some wonderful quality time with the De Bortoli family when I was in Australian and I have followed (and