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Hello Kitty Makes Wine, and latest in Cruzan Rum and Pereg

This month I have some tasty food to go with rum and wine, from an unexpected brand. Hello Kitty… I was too old to be enthralled in the Hello Kitty phenomenon, but my daughter wasn’t. Like many others her age, she is of age to enjoy wine. This fact was not overlooked by Sanrio. The makers of just about everything you can think of with a Hello Kitty logo has cashed in on its aging fans by producing a wine that carries the iconic name. The company came out with an entire line of wines and sent me the Hello Kitty 2018 Collection to check out. With the exception of the Pinot Noir, which I had a fan of the grape check out and enjoy, it’s a collection of what I like to drink. I have to say, they were all done well. The Sparkling Rose just has a touch of sweetness and is mostly fruit forward. If you want something even more flavorful, do the Sweet Pink Sparkling, which will give you more berry and less floral notes. The Hello Kitty Prosecco is another great bottle to