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Happy 2022!

I know the last few years have been very strange for all of us. I hope that things start to normalize soon, whatever the “new normal” may be. I’m trying to catch up on the products I have for testing, but also wanted to write a bit about a not so new bargain brand of cosmetics I fell in love with. As usual, there are affiliate links in this column and I always appreciate earning a little when my readers click on them. Spread the fruit… A selection of jam is something that’s always in my house. Whether it’s on an English muffin or a waffle, with peanut butter, cream cheese, or on its own, I love spreadable fruit. The only problem is that many brands are filled with tons of sugar and additives. I was more than happy to try Crofter’s Organic in three of my favorite flavors: cherry , raspberry, and peach. Crofter’s is a family business that not only makes organic fruit spreads that are low in calories and sugar, and don’t cost a fortune.   I loved all the flavors. You can purchase