Time to Barbecue (in or out)

I’ve seen a lot of my mail carrier and FedEx this last month. I haven’t even gotten to half of it, but I did discover some fantastic products that I wanted to pass along.


The perfect tote…

You can use this Urban Originals for just about anything. It’s even large enough for my 10 lb. Yorkie! It’s vegan leather, making it light and easy to clean. I especially love the color combinations in this Riviera Stripes Tote. It also matches my luggage and just about anything I would wear.

Visit the Urban Originals website to see more of their unique and fun bags. They can also be purchased at department stores such as Macy’s and Nordstrom.


Speaking of vegan…

Parma, the vegan parmesan cheese, has some new flavors. One that you must get is the Parma Jalapeno Bacon. It is perfect on popcorn!

You can buy Parma Jalapeno Bacon, as well as their other options, on Amazon.




Turn on the grill… or air fryer… or crockpot…

I received a lot of barbecue rub this last month. I have not gotten to all of it yet, but I did want to share some my friends and I used for cooking and really enjoyed. Rubs are an easy way to spice up your meat and chicken. I know they are great for the grill. I also tried them out with some other methods.

The Casa M. Spice products excited me with the idea that they had specific items for different products. They are also low in sodium. I didn’t have to decide which one to use on which meat (though you certainly can mix and match). I decided to do a pulled pork with Casa M. Spice Whole Hog rub in the crockpot.

The pork came out tender and delicious. I did add a bit more rub at the end for added flavor as I don’t think I was generous enough at the beginning.

I also did some wings with two other Casa M. Spice rubs. I put Pecking Order on the drumettes and Chain Reaction on the wings. I cooked them in the air fryer (15 minutes on each side). They were moist and flavorful, with a bit of crisp on the skin. The Peking order was a perfect mix of flavor while Chain Reaction was hotter, but not four alarm. I’d recommend them both. I have a few more of their products to try.


Keep it hot…

Burn Pit BBQ also sent some rubs, but to avoid confusion, I’m saving those for next month. My friend, Leslie, didn't want to wait to try the Burn Pit BBQ Hot Brass Sauce. She got creative and used it to make a spicy pork fried rice. 

I hope the rest of their products are as good as this on, which you can buy on Amazon


Pour the wine... 


Yalumba Y Series Viognier is definitely a pick of mine for summer drinking. It’s light and just the amount of dryness so that it is filled with citrus and apricot, and not too sweet. I have to add that I had planned on sampling some other wines but couldn’t get my friends to put this South Australian find down until the bottle was empty!

This delicious wine is available in the U.S. and only costs about $15


Don’t forget the sunscreen…

I never leave the house without sunscreen, and I always want one that is gentle on my skin yet provides good coverage. SunPlus lived up to these demands. It’s light and blends easy and it doesn’t burn my eyes. This sunblock, which has been used at luxury resorts such as the Ritz Carlton Bacara in Santa Barbara, is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants so it can also help make your skin look younger.

SunPlus products are available on their website.


I couldn’t live without …

I’ve started including a favorite product I’ve discovered at the end of these columns and this month it’s Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil. I loved this product and use it from head to toe. It is fantastic at moisturizing without leaving you oily. It also fades scars and truly heals skin. It’s also under $10, unlike the other scar fading creams and lotions.

Buy Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil at Amazon.


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