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Happy Champagne Day!

As far as I am concerned, every day is champagne day, but today is actually the official day of celebration for this bubbly from France. I’ve spent a lot of time with one of my favorite beverages in the past year. Last fall, I left my home in Champaign, Illinois, and took a trip with the French tourism board to Champagne, France. I spent four days there learning all about the beverage and the region. During that trip I was able to spend a wonderful night at the Veuve Clicquot estate, Manoir de Verzy. I also had a tour of the winery and went through my first champagne cave. My trip to Champagne also included a chance to sit down with the Krug winemaker Julie Cavill and learn about the process of making champagne. I came home with a bottle of their Grand Cuvee and opened it up on my birthday (it’s wonderful). Krug Master Sommelier Roger Dagorn had his own celebration in New York a few weeks ago when he was honored for his lifetime achievements. In March, I had the pleas

Pairing and Sampling the Wine & Spirits

Flavor! Napa Valley is the ultimate wine and food pairing. This four day event will take place November 17-20 and sommeliers and chefs are joining to put together four days of tasting. There will be demonstrations and dining experiences, as well as seminars that will explain how the pairing process comes into play. The ultimate food and wine event at Flavor! Will be held at The Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena . Over 100 Napa wineries will be paired with over two dozen of the valley's restaurants. For tickets and more information, visit the official website . You can also follow @FlavorNV on Twitter. * * * Experience Napa -- and Sonoma and Champagne -- pairings in Phoenix , as the Arizona Biltmore begins its 22nd season of Winemaker Dinners. The first one (ZD Winery of Napa) was this week, but there's plenty more to come. This is about more than the pairings as guests can hear about the wines direct from the winemakers themselves. There's also