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Getting Healthy for Summer

I have lots of healthy and plant-based selections for this month, but I couldn’t not mention tequila. After all, July 24 th  is National Tequila Day – a.k.a. my birthday! A tastier gluten-free option... I love sweet potatoes so I was more than happy to receive some Let’s Do Organic Sweet Potato Flour made from the vegetables from my friends at Edward & Sons. This flour is full of flavor and fiber. It also holds moisture better than a lot of other flours. I was excited to put this together with chocolate. My  Loaded Sweet Potato Brownies  were a big hit. Tip: sweet potato flour can burn at lower temperatures than other flours, so avoid it (or mix it) in recipes that cook at high temperatures.  Then there’s Casava… I didn’t know much about casava before the flour bag came along. It’s made from the cassava root so it is gluten and grain-free.  It’s also high in Vitamin C.  Casava flour can easily substitute 1:1 for regular flour. I haven’t had a chance to create anything uni