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Bourbon, Vanilla Whisky and Pickles

It’s been awhile since I’ve been in Bourbon Country . I’m looking forward to making a visit soon and checking out the latest and greatest at the distilleries. I just found out about a tour company that can make the trip a lot more fun. Mint Julep Tours , which is fittingly based in Louisville, has been running a Bourbon Trail Tour for quite awhile, but now they have added something unique. The “Roll Out the Barrel” tour offers guests a day long experience through Kentucky Bourbon Country . It starts with brunch in one of Louisville’s best and then you are off to a distillery for an exclusive guided tour by one of the company’s experts. Tasting will be straight from the barrel, giving you a chance to sample like a master distiller. A professional taster will help you pick your own barrel and customize your bottles, giving you your very own reserve! Bottles will be delivered to your home 6-8 weeks later. While we are talking whiskey, I need to mention Phillips Union .  A friend gave m

Time To Taste Some Wine, 2010 Vintage of George Duboeuf

I spend my time traveling all around the world tasting wines. I have had great wines at all prices, but I have to say I was a bit skeptical when asked to taste a selection of French wines that sell for under $20 a piece.  If nothing else, I felt it was a challenge worth taking and I agreed to have a case of Georges Duboeuf wines delivered. Les Vins Georges Duboeuf  produces Beaujolais wines from 100 percent gamay grapes. Mr. Duboeuf has noted that his 2010 vintage (which I tasted) has was highlighted by a hot, dry August and a rainy fall. Here are my findings – with a little help from my friends. Afterall, one should never drink French wine alone! Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Villages, $9.99 Like a Sangiovese, this is a fruit-filled easy drinking wine with lots of berry on the nose and in the palate. Georges Duboeuf Morgan, retail $13.99 With its deep red color, we thought this would have a lot of fruit and substance, but it did not. We tried to let it breathe a bit more and it did