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Enjoy These Products: It’s Time To Make A Decision

My health comes first and, with chronic illnesses, that doesn’t leave me the ability to work very much. I need to use those part time hours to earn money. I have been presenting products I like  on Spiritstraveler for 13 years, but I am going to have to stop. I will still consider products for social media (@Spiritstraveler on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook) and paid partnerships. Another option to relax… The times are changing. It’s no longer just alcoholic drinks people are relaxing with. Cannabis drinks are becoming more popular and the Loki seltzers have been top rated. I really liked the flavor of the Lavender Peach, and I had a friend try, and also enjoy the Blackberry Lemon. There is no sugar in them and only five calories. These have 20 mg of hemp derived Delta 8. I am not an expert on the subject, but the Sip Loki website explains more about its properties. While not THC, it does have similar properties. It is legal in 34 states. I  have to admit that I did