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Even More Coffee and Wine

When a trend hits, it hits, and that’s the case in the past year with two popular products: canned wine and spiked coffee. I received some more this past month and enjoyed them enough to pass them along.   The ideal spritzer… I’m old enough to remember the white wine spritzer days, when adding club soda to wine was an acceptable way of having a “light” drink. This idea has come back in an even more convenient way. Wine Water is perfect for your summer tote. It’s just French wine and sparkling water. There is no sugar or artificial flavors. A can is only 69 calories and a low alcohol of 4.9% so you can imbibe without feeling like you are drinking too much. The Sauvignon Blanc Wine Water is my favorite. It’s very flavorful with distinct citrus, notably grapefruit and lemon.   A special cold brew...            The other trend I am seeing a lot of is spiked coffee, but Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream is the first cold brew one I’ve tried. These coffees are cold brew