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Some Products that Take You (and your family) Back to School

GoMacro Bars Having a few nutrition bars in my bag and carry-on is essential to my trips. I don’t want to always be relying on expensive, and often unhealthy, snacks. The problem is that most of these bars have chocolate in or on them. While chocolate is one of my favorite things to eat, it also melts all over everything when the weather is warm. GoMacro Bars come in a dozen different non-chocolate flavors. They are also vegan and gluten-free. The minis – which are a decent size – are only 100 calories and have just 5-6 grams of sugar. My favorites are banana + almond butter and sesame butter + dates, but, honestly, I have enjoyed every single one. You can purchase GoMacro bars here WildKin Kids Luggage These Wildkin Kids backpacks are fun and practical for kids to travel with (or bring to school). They are durable and clean easily. These twins, whom I travel with often, really enjoyed them and were ready to get them packed. You can find Wildkin Kids backpack