Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year

Unfortunately, I’m ending the year about the way I began, with my health dominating. I just had ankle reconstruction and have not gotten through all the products I’ve gotten the last few months. Truthfully, this is the only story I’ve done since the surgery and painkillers do not go with wine and spirits, so I’m afraid most of those are going to have to wait. Here’s what I have enjoyed lately.

Coconut for a purpose…

The benefits of coconut oil can go on and on. The top of the list for me is as a moisturizer. I’ve yet to find anything that can make my skin retain moisture like it.  It’s also a great hair conditioner, sunblock, cooking oil and more.

Dignity Raw Coconut Oil does all these things as good, or better, than the rest, but its history makes it much more in need of purchase. As the name suggests, it’s about bringing dignity to by helping those living in poverty with a sustainable business. A partnership of engineers from the Philippines and the United States worked on the best way to create this product and bring jobs to those who need it.

You can help by purchasing Dignity Raw Coconut.  

Filling a purpose in beauty care…

Another cause being addressed in product is in Puff Cuff Male. This company addresses the beauty needs of men of color, with products specific to the texture of their hair and beards. They also give back by donating one dollar from every sale of their “I Support Black Business”apparel to Know Your Rights Camp, African American Policy Forum, and Grassroots Law Project.

I received a selection of products from PCM, including their signature Puff Cuff, a gentle way of putting thick hair behind you. I tried the moisturizer and loved the way it felt on my skin and body, and had a male friend check out the beard conditioner and brush, which he is still using.

You can purchase Puff Cuff Male here.

Hold that cup…

Anyone who has tried to balance a suitcase, cell phone, and water bottle will be happy to see the Riemont Drink Caddy. This gadget will hold to drinks or a drink and a cellphone.

The thing about this holder that is different from the others I’ve had is that it is a soft material rather than a hard plastic. It’s easy to store and isn’t subject to the breakage of the hard ones. It is available on Amazon

An answer for vegan cream cheese lovers…

I’ve actually wanted to try The Original Sunflower Cream Cheese ever since I heard about it, so I was happy to receive a selection. I really enjoyed the original and, since I need to limit my dairy, it is a nice to have another option for “cream cheese.”

You can purchase Spero’s Original Cream Cheese online. It also comes in Herb, Goat Cheese, and Strawberry.

Another vegan idea…

Chef Woo Ramen is plant-based meal in a cup that contains 20 mg protein. The healthy amount is thanks to peas, and despite flavors such as “beef” and “chicken,” there is no actual meat.

The Sweet Chili was too spicy for me, but a friend who enjoys more heat than I do really enjoyed it. Iiked the Roasted Chicken and Braised Beef. This dish is not only quick and easy to make, but Walmart is selling them for only $2, making it an inexpensive, healthy meal.

My favorite vegan dish of the month…

One product stood out among the others this month for vegan meals. Chi Foods Plant-Based Pork is quite impressive in taste and ease of use. It just needs to be heated and added to whatever you want. The organic ingredients include items like fava beans and inchi nuts.

I took a package of the Italian, heated it in my marina sauce, and poured it over linguine. It was delicious! No one could guess that there wasn’t meat in my meat sauce. The Original and Chorizo (works well in tacos) are also good.

You can buy Chi Foods on their website.

Tasty treats you’ll love…

My sweet tooth is not a secret, so cookies are always welcome here. The best ones I’ve had in a long time came from Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop. They arrived fresh and stayed soft, with two cookies packaged together.  

My favorite was the Chocolate Chip… Double Chocolate Peppermint… Molasses Spice… I guess I really can’t decide. I may have to grab another from the freezer (yes, they freeze well) to see.

You can order cookies from Little Red Kitchen on their website.

A wine to add to my favorites…

I’ve previously talked about my favorite wine, which is a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. I was just introduced to another from that region, and has moved onto the favorite list. This family-owned, sustainable winery has perfected the country’s most exportable drink.

The organic Babich Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc has that distinguishable taste of kiwi, lime, and green apple, with a bit of earthiness you only get from that varietal. It’s also priced around only $15 a bottle.

Rivaling Starbucks…

My countertop currently looks like a local coffee shop thanks to a carton I received from Jordan's Skinny Syrups. I confess to using some of these before, but I am slowly discovering many more flavors – and I haven’t yet touched the cocktail mixes.

On my current recommendation list: White Chocolate Mocha, which is especially good with Macadamia’s White Chocolate Mocha Peppermint Milk; Sugar Cookie, a delicious flavor that isn’t as sweet as it sounds; and Salted Carmel Mocha, a nice combination of flavors that also comes in a sauce for the top of your latte, hot chocolate, or ice cream.

You can purchase these at Amazon. Stay tuned for more flavors next month.

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