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July has always included a lot of tequila, since National Tequila Day is on my birthday (24th). Things are a bit different this year as I’m cutting down on spirits as I have started a new treatment. I’m hoping to get to the point where I am not apologizing for running late on everything because I wasn’t feeling well! In the meantime, be patient with me. Everything I like will eventually make it to this blog.

There was some wine…

The photos of Trapiche Winery of Argentina, where they do not use any chemicals or herbicides near the grapes, are incredible. It’s a winery that started in 1883 and followed automated as needed through the years. Despite doing all this, they have managed to keep to a very reasonable price point.

If you are looking for a budget Malbec, Trapiche’s 2021 is a good deal at $7.99. It’s full of dark fruit, yet is quite light for a red wine. The Vintage Cabernet Sauvignon is a similar price and a bargain if you are looking for a richer wine. You’ll find more notes of the oak cask in this one.           

For something just a little sweeter, and even more environmentally friendly, you’ll want to check out Sandy Giovese. It’s a play on the Italian grape that’s an easy to drink red, especially in the summer, Sangiovese. This is red fruit in its ripeness. It’s the red wine you can chill without feeling like you are doing something wrong.

It’s easy to chill Sandy Giovese because it’s in a box that can stay in your refrigerator for up to a month after you open it. It’s environmentally friendly as the one box contains the equivalent to four bottles of wine, making it much easier to bring to a party or barbecue.  

Start with the prep…

Before you drink the wine, you need to prep the food. I love the Fab Slabs cutting boards I received. These look good and still smell like fresh wood when you take them out of the box thanks to their construction from the Australian Camphor Laurel Tree. They are also practical with naturally antibacterial properties.

Fab Slabs come in a selection of sizes. They are constructed from a solid slab of would with tight grains, so they are easy to clean. You can shop for them on Amazon.


Get ready for back to school…

Dino Bars
are the latest snacks to try for back to school. They are all-natural bars made from fruit. Hemp hearts, and oats without nuts, gluten, dairy, artificial flavors, or soy.

The best part about Dino bars? The wrapping is edible! No garbage created from this snack.  Straight from a three-year-old: the blueberry tastes like chocolate so start there if you are having a tough time deciding.

Buy Dino Bars on Amazon.

Tea time…

Whether you want it cold or hot, the benefits of tea have been touted for centuries. I’ve seen some creative blends over the years, but the ones I received recently focus on a popular fruit this summer, mango.

Mark T. Wendell’s Mango Black Tea is so filled with fruit flavor (you can see the pieces of mango) that Teddy, my mango loving Yorkie, kept trying to get the tin open! Drinking it definitely made me feel like I was at an afternoon tea and a luxury hotel.

The Amazon Mango Green Tea from Mark T. Wendell wasn’t quite as intense. I added a little honey to it and it made a refreshing iced tea.

Sip and Slay is the other brand of mango tea I received. This blend was also fruit filled and delicious. It’s an interesting brand, founded on the belief that every woman should have more self-care, love, and positive vibes in their life. I absolutely love their reusable plastic tea bag to put their loose tea in.


Coffee for a cause…

I was planning on taking a break from reviewing coffee but it’s hard to resist a good cause. Veteran   owned Liberty Beans Coffee donates $1 of every bag sold of their 68W Dark Roast (my favorite) to the USO to support the men and women of the U.S. Military.

You can find all the Liberty Beans coffee and gift sets on their website

I love this birthday gift…

When I saw the Zoku Slush and Shake Maker on television, I immediately put it on my Amazon Wish List. My daughter and son-in-law bought it for my birthday, and I love it. I’ve made a few slushes with just juice, but my favorite drink so far was a “Frappuccino” with just chilled coffee and chocolate soy milk. You can get yours on Amazon for about the cost of three of those drinks.


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