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Holiday Addition: The Latest & Greatest You Must Try…

I saved the best for last – the last of the year, that is. I’ve been hard at working eating, drinking, and reading so that I could get everyone ready for holiday giving (and keeping). Wine… Notorious Pink Grenache First of all, I love this bottle with the glass cap. Right away you get the feeling that this is more than a $20 bottle of wine (it’s not). Inside you’ll get 100% grenache in a light, strawberry-filled rose that’s easy to drink for any occasion. 2012 Fiorfiore Superiore Todi Grechetto Roccafiore I’ll bet you can’t say that in one breath! You’ll want to write it down so you get it right at the wine store because chances are it’s not up front. Grechetto may be a grape you don’t know, but the Italians of Umbria sure do. This will also only set you back around $20 and it’s hard not to like. Think pinot grigio with a little more bite. You’ll get plenty of lemon and a bit of acidity that will mix well with food. Viva Diva Moscato Mango This is not the wine

The Latest & Greatest You Must Try…

There is still quite a bit left here to checkout*, but I couldn’t wait to talk about some of my latest finds. After all, we are getting near the holidays. It’s time to put some ideas in your head… Wine… Prinz Von Hessen Rieslings Some of my favorite wines have been Rieslings. It’s a grape that’s gotten a bad rap because everyone presumes it’s supposed to be sweet. The truth is that Rieslings can run from super sweet (like a late harvest) to dry. I tried a trio of Rieslings from Prinz Von Hessen in Johannesburg, Germany. They varied quite a bit in both taste and price, but I liked them all. 2012 Prinz Von Hessen -A semi dry wine with strong citrus, especially lemon. A great find for $16. 2012 Prinz Von Hessen Royal -A bit drier, with some apricot mixed with the citrus. Worth $25. 2007 Prinz Von Hessen Weingut -A lot less fruit, more toast and vanilla. This wine is closer to an aged chardonnay. A good splurge wine at $60. Spirits… Dark Chocolate Godiva Liqu

Wine, Spirits & Other Finds

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this page. I’ve been traveling, getting started on my new Midwest Travel section on , and keeping up with my other blog, Wine And Spirits Travel .   I’ve also been doing a lot of sampling on and off the road. It’s about time I shared some of these great items. * I expect to start updating this column again at least monthly. Wine… My favorite of what I’ve received this summer: 2013 Mercer Yakima Valley Pinot Gris A must try for those like me who really appreciate a good light and white. An easy drinking bubbly which has a hint of strawberry: Montalbera Bollicine Roseus Brut A peachy Moscato-like wine you can take this along anywhere: Naked Wines Wanderlust White For the dry red drinker, who likes that cherry nose: 2009 Reserve Abacela Tempranillo If you like a sparkle in your apple, you’ll love the strong green apple notes in this: Kramer Vineyards 2013 Celebrate Pinot Gris Though

Amazing Carry-on Luggage, National Spa Week & a FIAT Giveaway

It’s no secret that I have no place in the world of quick and condensed packers. I like my things and every time I attempt to cut down what I bring to bare minimum, I end up shopping! I was challenged to possibly change this when I received the Gate8 Trifold Cabin Bag . Did this bag change me into a carry-on only gal? No, but it will certainly be my No. 1 carry-on and I suggest it for those who really can minimalize.  The bag has lots of pockets and room to bring and separate lots of items which makes it a winner in my book. That’s not the key element, though. I am just blown away by the simplest idea that makes this G* bag miraculous – it has a zipper off laptop bag! Whether you are putting your carry-on above your head or handing to a gate agent because you have a small item only plane (as I usually do), the idea that you can zip off a laptop big – which has room to add other items too – is great.  On my way home, I decided I wasn’t going to squeeze everything in so