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For the Holidays and Beyond

I have some delicious ideas for you this month, including one that brings me back to a place with a lot of memories. A Sweet Serendipity… As a teenager growing up on Long Island, I would go with friends into New York City a few times a year, on breaks from school. We’d go into a museum or to see a play (from the half-price ticket booth). Whenever we had extra money, we’d also head to Serendipity for Frozen Hot Chocolate. In the following years, my trips were less frequent, but I did make it back occasionally to this iconic place for delicious treats with my daughter when she was younger and when we were both adults. Given my history, I was all too happy to get a copy of Sweet Serendipity: Delicious Desserts and Devilish Dish . The book, by the restaurant’s founder Stephen Bruce, was issued to celebrate the 65th anniversary of one of the most famous eateries in Manhattan. This is far from just a recipe book, even though it provides the recipes to the famous Froz