Friday, January 31, 2020

Some Flavorful Ogden Spirits

Things have slowed down since the holidays, but I did get a few tasty spirits this month you’ll definitely want to check out.

Porter’s Fruit Whiskey…
When Porter’s asked if I wanted to try out some of their whiskey, I looked at the selection and responded, “Yes” very quickly. It was hard to chose what to try first, but the Peach and Huckleberry sounded like good choices.

Porter’s has produced their whiskey in their micro-distillery in Ogden, Utah, since 2009. Their flavored whiskey (they also have Fire and Apple) consists of Canadian whiskey blended with fruit.

Tasting the Porter’s Peach Liqueur gives you no doubt there are actual peaches involved in the making. This is not just a flavored whiskey. The flavor is strong, with just a bit of sweetness, to give you a great sipper. While I enjoy cocktails out, at home I prefer to have bottles like this you can enjoy with a little ice.

The same could be said about the Huckleberry Liqueur from Porter’s. The peach was a hard act to follow, but Porter’s Huckleberry was a welcome change from the ordinary flavors. It’s a little less sweet than the peach, with enough fruit flavor to make it fine alone or in cocktails.  (You can check out their website for some cocktail recipe ideas.)

Just remember that these are both whiskey-based, and have the 66% proof to go with it.

An Herb-Filled Treat …
Underground Herbal Spirit is actually produced under the same Ogden’s Own brand as Porter’s, but it’s a totally different product.

At first taste, I immediately noted the anise and thought of Sambuca, a favorite of my grandfather’s, but I soon realized the consistency wasn’t as thick, and it wasn’t as sweet. That’s when whole bunch of other flavors exploded in my mouth.

It’s actually 33 flavors I tasted, as that’s the number that make up the Underground Herbal Spirit Liqueur. Among the ones that stand out the most (other than the anise) are the citrus, mint, and cardamom.

I began sipping Underground with ice, but admit it was a bit too much flavor at once after the first two very enjoyable tastes. I added in a bit of water, while my friends mixed it with Coke. We are all fans of this spirit, which was selected as the Best Liqueur in the America's at the Spirits of the America's Competition.

​In case you need another reason to try Underground Herbal Spirit, there’s the added ginseng, which has been touted to boost the immune system.

Off for February…
I’m heading into surgery and will probably not get to review any products in February. I will be back in March with more spirits, food, travel, and beauty products. In the meantime, browse my Amazon Influencer page. They’ve asked me to put up some recommendations and I have some great ones.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

For the Holidays and Beyond

I have some delicious ideas for you this month, including one that brings me back to a place with a lot of memories.

A Sweet Serendipity…
As a teenager growing up on Long Island, I would go with friends into New York City a few times a year, on breaks from school. We’d go into a museum or to see a play (from the half-price ticket booth). Whenever we had extra money, we’d also head to Serendipity for Frozen Hot Chocolate.

In the following years, my trips were less frequent, but I did make it back occasionally to this iconic place for delicious treats with my daughter when she was younger and when we were both adults.

Given my history, I was all too happy to get a copy of Sweet Serendipity: Delicious Desserts and Devilish Dish. The book, by the restaurant’s founder Stephen Bruce, was issued to celebrate the 65th anniversary of one of the most famous eateries in Manhattan.

This is far from just a recipe book, even though it provides the recipes to the famous Frozen Hot Chocolate and many other Serendipity sweet sensations. It begins with a forward from Cher and continues with celebrity endorsements and “dishing” on the comings and goings in this famous restaurant.

I had to try the Frozen Hot Chocolate for myself and, even though my cupboard and fridge contain more low fat than indulgent, it still came out close to I remember. So, if you can’t make it to one of the Serendipity locations (there are now others in Florida and Washington DC, as well as a Serendipity in Tokyo.

While you may not be making it, you’ll also want to check out the recipe for the $1,0000 Golden Opulence Sundae, which is in the Guinness Book of World Records as its most expensive dessert.

More fruit-filled Alize…
In June, I talked about how much I enjoyed Alize Pineapple, a French vodka made with natural flavors. I recently received two more of the brand’s products and they are also worth raving about.

Alize Peach is also full of flavor with a powerful kick, almost like a pre-made cocktail in a bottle. It’s not overwhelmingly sweet either.

Alize Red Passion includes passion fruit and cranberry, and was even more tasty. It brought me back to my childhood. It tastes a lot like Hi-C fruit punch, but without any artificial flavors. Just be careful – this “fruit punch” is 16% abv (alcohol by volume).  

Some Special Whiskey…
Angel’s Envy, a long-respected brand of whiskey known for its unique finishing, sent me some samples I was happy to check out.

Angel’s Envy Bourbon is finished in Port wine barrels, to give it a bit of a unique taste. It brings out the vanilla, with a hint of wine on the back.

The latest release is Angel’s Envy Rye, aged in Caribbean rum casks. This one is definitely smoother and sweeter, for a different whiskey than you might be used to. This bottle will run you about $100, but is worth having around for special occasions.

Looking for more spirits ideas? Check out my story for Proof