10 Products that Make Wheelchair Use Easier

In the last year, I began using my scooter increasingly. I recently got a custom power wheelchair. I was surprised how different they are, not just in the way they work, but how I carry things when using them. Here are some products I have found to be extremely helpful in day-to-day life. All of these are also on my store . I will be adding to there as I find items which are helpful. I do earn a small commission on some of these, so I appreciate you clicking through the links. I’d love to hear about any ideas you have too! Use the link on the side of this page to contact me, or email . This includes inquiries on samples and collaborations, but keep in mind I only write about (and include in my store) products I like and use. Happy wheeling! Multi-Use Backpack One of the first things that concerned me about changing from a scooter to a wheelchair was the question of where to put my pocketbook. The answer came from one of the most respected travel writers I’ve know