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Cheers to the Holidays

The holidays are often a time for me to try some interesting spirits, new and old. This year is no different. Rumchata options… Rumchata has been a favorite of mine since it first hit the market. I love cordials that you don’t have to get too creative with if you aren’t in the mood. I love it straight over ice, but you can mix it with just about anything. They even sell a gift box that includes shot glasses so you can measure perfectly. One of the options for Rumchata is to put it in your coffee and the company has no made that even easier with Rumchata Creamer. This is not a flavored creamer, it has the real liquor in it and it will make your coffee into a major treat. Another cordial to enjoy… I wasn’t sure what to expect from Tippy Cow Peppermint Bark , but it was a perfect mix of sweet, creamy and minty, without too much of any of those.  My friends devoured the mini bottles (great for picnics) chilled. I managed to put one aside to have with my