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Healthy Choices

I know most people associated getting healthy with January, but it’s something I try to think about every day. I love my desserts while making sure my body also gets healthy foods and products. It’s all about moderation and I believe that’s what should be stressed from the beginning.     Just what my eyes need… When I was approached by Cornea Care to try their products, I didn’t have to think long about that one. I am under treatment for dry eyes as well as heliotrope eyes and have a lot of eye pain. I can honestly say I am overwhelmed with how soothing these products have been for me. I start my day with the Rise Wipes , which have hyaluronic acid and tea tree oil. After wiping my eyes, I then use the wipe on the rest of my face. I use Rest , the self-heating eye mask, every night before I go to sleep and Rescue cooling masks whenever my eyes need a little extra relief. While Cornea Care products do not contain any medication, I still suggest you check with your eye