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Plan for a Thanksgiving Getaway

While many think of Thanksgiving as a day to fill the house with family and turkey with all the trimmings, that doesn’t always work for everyone. I happen to have a small family scattered around the country. I also know of others who have no family, or just prefer to get away from all the hassle and turn the four day weekend into an ideal vacation. Untitled Document Find the perfect vacation Africa Alaska Asia Australia Bahamas Canada New England Caribbean Europe Hawaii Mexico Panama Canal South America South Pacific Western US Holiday travel can often be very expensive. This isn’t usually the case with Thanksgiving, es

CANvitational, Golden Corks and a Masquerade Ball Contest

A few new and exciting events and offers came through my inbox recently that I thought were well worth passing along. Wish I had more free time to check them out myself. Sun King Brewery , the first brewing in Indianapolis in fifty years, is hosting the inaugural CANvitational on September 28 th . This is the first canned craft beer festival to be presented in the Midwest.  More than 30 craft breweries from 16 states will be participating in this street fest, which will also have food trucks lining Georgia Street. For tickets and more information, visit . Wine lovers should check out the Golden Cork Contest Keel and Curley Winery is having to celebrate their 10 th anniversary, which coincides with their millionth bottle. In the spirit of Willie Wonka’s Golden Ticket, customers will be looking for golden corks. If you find a golden cork in any of the bottles from Keel and Curley, you will gather with other winners at the winery on Octob