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Sharing Some Spirited Finds

I’ve been traveling so much that I haven’t had a chance to go through my inbox much lately and I’ve got some great stuff to pass along for wine and spirits lovers everywhere… Michigan has decided to combine all their wine, spirit and beer happenings into one website. Drink Michigan is the place to get information on the beverages of the state, whether you are looking to find a winery, a distillery, a brewery or an event that showcases any of the above.  Check them out now, or stay up to date by following them on Twitter or Facebook ... When I’m not traveling around sampling wine , I’m drinking gin and tonic. Tanqueray (No. 10, to be exact) is one of my favs. Now I won’t have any problems finding a drink wherever I am. The makers of Tanqueray Gin have teamed with Zagat to create the “Zagat T&T Finder.” This IPhone application can tell you the best restaurants and bars to locate the famed gin in 10 cities – Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York City, Orla