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Wine and Healthy Foods

Wine and food are the perfect pairing. Which wine you put with which food is a matter of personal taste. In the summertime, I like to keep it healthy as much as possible. More from Pereg Gourmet… As I mentioned last month, Pereg Gourme t sent me a basketful of goodies to experiment with. I always enjoy cooking, baking, and creating, but it was a busy month. I asked my friend Betty if she’d like to give it a try with Kamut, an ancient grain. She did and the Creamy Kamut and Chicken Casserole was excellent . Here’s the recipe if you’d like to give it a try for yourself.   I’m looking forward to trying out a few more of the Pereg products in June for some healthy, tasty treats.   Summer nights & New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc… It’s not a secret that my favorite wine is New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. I’ll never turn down the chance to taste one and I got two great options delivered this month. The Sisters is a little less grassy than the usual, with lots of g