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Drinks for our Fall Nights

Fall Finds at Captain Morgan… Captain Morgan has two specialty rums for the fall you can’t miss and they both come in collector bottles. The Cannon Blast is sweeter than the Captain Morgan Rum you are used to, with hints of maple and vanilla. It doesn’t need a lot of mixing. Just add in some soda – even plain seltzer – or juice to Cannon Blast . The company recommends cranberry juice for a Crannon Blast and I agree. Jack-O-Blast is the perfect pumpkin accompaniment to your fall bar. I’m ready to continue it through the winter, leaving egg nog behind and sprinkling a little cinnamon and nutmeg on the chilled cordial. (It’s also going to keep me warm at night in coffee or hot chocolate.) A New Perspective from Locations Wine… Winemaker Dave Phinney decided to prove that one winemaker could bring out three different wine regions by working a little different than most wineries. He decided to represent the actual location of the wine, rather than a specific grape or wine