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11 Things You Need to Take on Your Cruise

There are many different cruise lines and countless types of ships, but one thing most have in common is lack of space for your things. The closets are small and bathroom storage is often non-existent. That doesn’t mean you can’t maximize the space for you and your cabinmate(s). I’ve been on many cruises, and it’s taken me decades to get to the point where I have everything I need in my cabin. How many outfits you decide to bring and whether or not you are bringing clothing along for a formal night is a very personal decision, but the items below will definitely make your trip more comfortable and your cabin more efficient. 1.        Power Strip or Cube Cruise cabins, especially in older ships, are notorious for not having enough outlets. A power strip can be great to make sure you can plug in all of your devices. Check before you purchase   one, though. Some ships will not let you bring power strips with surge protectors. If you aren’t sure, a power cube that goes right into