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A Little of Everything

July has always included a lot of tequila, since National Tequila Day is on my birthday (24 th ). Things are a bit different this year as I’m cutting down on spirits as I have started a new treatment. I’m hoping to get to the point where I am not apologizing for running late on everything because I wasn’t feeling well! In the meantime, be patient with me. Everything I like will eventually make it to this blog. There was some wine… The photos of Trapiche Winery of Argentina, where they do not use any chemicals or herbicides near the grapes, are incredible. It’s a winery that started in 1883 and followed automated as needed through the years. Despite doing all this, they have managed to keep to a very reasonable price point. If you are looking for a budget Malbec, Trapiche’s 2021 is a good deal at $7.99. It’s full of dark fruit, yet is quite light for a red wine. The Vintage Cabernet Sauvignon is a similar price and a bargain if you are looking for a richer wine. You’ll find mor