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Some Unusual Finds You’ll Want to Buy

Canned meat? Yes, when it’s Keystone… When Keystone Meats wanted to send me canned meat, my mind immediately went to SPAM and those mushy cans of chicken. The actual product could not be further than that image. I received both the beef and the chicken and they are 100% authentic. I decided to keep the experimentation simple by making nachos.  I invited some friends over and simply heated up the Keystone Meats, and put out some fixings so everyone could make their own. The results were unanimous – everyone loved the products, saying that they tasted more like someone had spent hours cooking them than they had come with a can. The Cäk has balls… It’s really hard to keep a straight face when reading about this product. With slogans such as “Cäk, the other guys have no balls” and “My Cäk lasts longer than yours,” it can be hard to take this product seriously, but it is worth sifting through the jokes and getting a Cäk (pun intended). By this time I’m sure you