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Two Contests You Will Want to Enter

My Keurig was the best present I ever bought myself. I use it every day and – by shopping around for the k-cups and never wasting any coffee, it’s not costing me much. I highly recommend a single cup coffee maker for anyone on the go, living alone, or with a significant other that doesn’t share the same taste in coffee. I haven’t seen the Suncana brewer by Blu Tigres yet, but I can tell you not to give up a chance to win one. This single service machine claims to offer better quality than its competitors and has environmentally friendly coffee pods. After you make your coffee, the pods, which are 100% biodegrable, can be used as fertilizer for your garden! If you got to the Blue Tigres website and sign up for their newsletter, you will have a chance to win one of their Suncana coffee makers. Hurry, though, the contest is over July 1 st . From coffee to vodka (why not?), I have another offer and this one is an even better prize. Russian Standard Vodka has launched an “I

Design Your Own Luggage

Once in a while, something comes into my inbox that I just can't resist. That happened this morning when I found out about MyFly Bag. I've seen offers of customized luggage before, but they are always either priced very high or require you purchasing a large quantity (or entire set). MyFly Bag is nothing like that. You can order one piece of carry-on at the very reasonable cost of $129.99.  With MyFly Bag, you can choose from more than a dozen colors or you can upload a photo onto your luggage. The photo can be of your family, favorite destination or family pet. You can even put your company logo on the luggage and/or add your own line of text. The MyFly Bag is 22 x 13.5 x 9, meeting the carry-on requirements of most major airlines. It is a lightweight shell with multiple pockets inside and 360 degree spinner wheels. I'd love to see some of the interesting custom suitcases so send me a photo after you design one!