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Food and Drinks You’ll Want for Summer Fun

This is the first July in a long time where I’m not featuring tequila. With July 24 th officially National Tequila Day, as well as my birthday, it’s been a standard column. This year, I feel that I’ve been doing a lot of tequila year long and have been receiving a lot of other yummy products to try. I guarantee you’ll be thirsty and hungry by the time you are done reading this!   Speaking of my birthday… Baked Cravings is a bakery in New York City that is peanut and tree nut free. They ship some of their treats nationally, including their Cupcakes in a Jar. Their feature flavor is Cookies & Cream and it arrived at my door in time for my birthday breakfast. I am never one to turn down cake for breakfast and this one was utterly amazing. Although cookies & cream would not have been my first choice, this one was perfect. The chocolate cake was deep and rich and the cream was sweetened just enough. Baked Cravings has many other flavors of their Cupcakes in a Jar. You c