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It’s time to go holiday shopping.  I’m a little late with this, but Spoonies tend to be late with a lot of things. I’m going to make up for it by offering a ton of great ideas for you to give — and some you may want to keep for yourself.   By kids, for charity… I love things created by children and this one is extra special because the kids are using their talent and ability to help others. They even have special socks for illnesses and organizations, such as autism and Big Brothers, Big Sisters. The kids in charge are Brandon and Sebastian Martinez. They are now 15 and 13 respectively, but they first started their company in 2014! It was first done for local fundraising and then they took it national. The socks are adorable and well made. They are also quite comfortable. As of now, Are You Kidding Socks has raised $350,000 for charity. Pick up some pairs for gifts and help them out at the same time. You can purchase on their website .   Gentle scents for the home… When i