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Eat, Drink and Spa This Fall

I’m planning on heading here for my own full report on Wine And Spirits Travel , but the rest of you might want to go ahead and make your reservations at the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls in. September is Pawpaw month and this super nutritious food is being used throughout the property. The Spa will feature Pawpaw treatments, the Tavern will have pawpaw infused cocktails, and the restaurant will have dishes with pawpaw. You can catch me at the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls mid-September for a Girls’ Getaway with a Pawpaw Facial, Pawpaw Martini and Pawpaw Crème Brulee! To make your own plans, visit or call 1-800-653-2557. There’s another place I’m working on a trip to this fall offering something unique and exciting (along with the beautiful beach and award-winning resort they already have). Las Ventanas in Los Cabos, Mexico, has a new program called “Challenge the Chef.” Guests get to check out the ingredients chosen and discuss their dish

Food, Wine & Spirits Home & Away

I’ve just returned from 10 days in San Diego and I have to say that it’s probably the only place left on earth with perfect, predictable weather. I didn’t see a drop of rain and was thrilled with the partly sunny skies and 70-75 degree temperatures every single day. I feel like I’ve been in a heat tunnel everywhere I go these past few months so it was a nice change. I’m looking for an excuse to get back there and it may just be the San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival , November 16-20. The festival offers the opportunity to taste from nearly 200 wine and spirits producers; taste samples from 70 San Diego Chefs; participate in cooking classes and wine tastings; and dine with celebrity chefs from other parts of the world. Another event on my wish list for November is Cornucopia . When I was out enjoying British Columbia this spring , one place I didn’t get to but heard great things about was Whistler. This event appears to be the best experience a foodie and wine lover can have i

Accolades in the Food, Wine And Spirits World

The prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) award for the Best Bartender in France went to Stéphane Ginouves, the head bartender at Hotel Fouquet's Barrière in Paris. Ginouves won the competition, which only takes place every four years, based on his speed, organization, knowledge, respect for trade rules and final taste. His winning cocktail was called Beautiful Day and it was made from mango and strawberry nectars, cognac and Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge. Before coming to Barriere, Stephane Ginouves worked at Disneyland Paris, Hotel Westminister and Warwick Champs-Elysees. Numerous chefs and mixologists were honored at the annual Taste of the Caribbean event in Miami with top honors going to… Caribbean Culinary Team of the Year: Trinidad & Tobago Culinary Team. Bahama Breeze® Island Grille Caribbean Chef of the Year: Mitchell Husbands, Barbados. Albert Uster Imports Caribbean Pastry Chef of the Year:   Kunal Chakrabarti, U.S. Virgin Islands. Caribbea