11 Things You Need to Take on Your Cruise

There are many different cruise lines and countless types of ships, but one thing most have in common is lack of space for your things. The closets are small and bathroom storage is often non-existent. That doesn’t mean you can’t maximize the space for you and your cabinmate(s).

I’ve been on many cruises, and it’s taken me decades to get to the point where I have everything I need in my cabin. How many outfits you decide to bring and whether or not you are bringing clothing along for a formal night is a very personal decision, but the items below will definitely make your trip more comfortable and your cabin more efficient.

1.      Power Strip or Cube

Cruise cabins, especially in older ships, are notorious for not having enough outlets. A power strip can be great to make sure you can plug in all of your devices. Check before you purchase  one, though. Some ships will not let you bring power strips with surge protectors. If you aren’t sure, a power cube that goes right into the outlet might be a better idea.

2.      Over the Door Shoe Organizer

No, I’m not advocating bringing a dozen pairs of shoes. This simple, inexpensive shoe organizer can do a lot more than hold shoes. Hang it over the bathroom door and use each compartment to store things you want to easily get to—sunblock, OTC meds, makeup, hair supplies, wipes, and anything else you use regularly.

3.      Magnet Hooks

Many people don’t realize that cruise ship walls are made of steel and magnets will stick right to them. It’s a terrific way to hang things when you are out of closet space. I like the magnet hooks. I use them to hang jackets and hats by the door, and robes on the wall so they don’t take up bathroom space.


4.      Rain Jacket

No matter where you are traveling, there’s always a chance of rain. A thin, packable jacket can go over whatever you are wearing and keep you from getting soaked. I especially like this one with built in UPF 50 so you can also use it for protection from the sun.

5.      Sunblock

You do not want to ruin your vacation with sunburn and protecting it now will also be good for your skin in the future. Don’t wait until you arrive and pay twice as much for sunblock that you don’t really like. I love this one to use all over me, and this one to moisturize and protect my face.

6.      Shawl

This isn’t just my cruise must have, it’s my every trip staple. A large shawl can have so many uses. You can use it as a blanket on a cold plane, wear it to dress up your outfit or keep you warm on a ship, or wrap it like a sarong over your bathing suit. This two-pack is a great deal that will give you two colors to mix and match outfits with.

7.      Compression Socks

Compression socks are great for reducing swelling and pain in tired feet and legs. I like the Dr. Motion brand because they come in many colors, patterns, and styles. Sometimes you just want foot coverage and other times you want support up to your knees. This brand is very reasonably priced so you can get a selection.

8.     Water Bottle

A water bottle is a must have for your cruise. You can fill it up before you leave for your day and keep hydrated during the day. You also may want to use it on the ship to keep putting water in (or other liquids if you have a drink package). I prefer a plastic one because it’s lightweight, but stainless steel is a better option if you want to also fill it with hot drinks.

9.     Back-up Battery

You do not want to miss a great photo moment because your phone died and it’s not easy to find an outlet to charge when touring remote spots. Always have a battery backup in your bag. I like this one because it has the cords built right in and it’s lightweight.

10.  Comfortable Shoes

You’ll be doing a lot of walking on and off the ship and it could be on a slippery ground. It’s important to make sure you have comfortable and secure shoes. At the same time, you want shoes that serve more than one purpose. I love my Skechers Go Walk Joy. I have them in black and they can be worn with just about anything.

11.   Laundry Bag

Set up a laundry bag as soon as you get in your cabin. Put it away from your clean clothing. Keep anything dirty or sweaty in there so the things you are going to wear stay nice and fresh. Also, the full bag will be ready for laundry when you go home. There won’t be any guessing what needs to go into the wash.

All of the products recommended are ones I use. If you purchase through the links provided above, I will earn a small commission. Additional products I love are available in my shop.


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