10 Products that Make Wheelchair Use Easier

In the last year, I began using my scooter increasingly. I recently got a custom power wheelchair. I was surprised how different they are, not just in the way they work, but how I carry things when using them.

Here are some products I have found to be extremely helpful in day-to-day life. All of these are also on my store. I will be adding to there as I find items which are helpful. I do earn a small commission on some of these, so I appreciate you clicking through the links.

I’d love to hear about any ideas you have too! Use the link on the side of this page to contact me, or email Marcia@MarciaFrost.com. This includes inquiries on samples and collaborations, but keep in mind I only write about (and include in my store) products I like and use.

Happy wheeling!

Multi-Use Backpack

One of the first things that concerned me about changing from a scooter to a wheelchair was the question of where to put my pocketbook. The answer came from one of the most respected travel writers I’ve known, whose luggage I’ve used for many years: the Samantha Brown To-Go 3 Ways To Wear Convertible Tote. The three ways are backpack, tote, and crossbody, making it east to go from the back of the wheelchair to the front of my body. 

Mobility Scooter Rain Cover

The last thing you want to do when you are waiting for doors to open and trying to find curb cuts is to get soaked. This lightweight cover can protect you and your wheelchair or scooter.

Hands Free dog leash

It was so hard for me to walk the dog when I could no longer walk much. Teddy was wonderful in learning how to navigate next to me so he would never be near wheels, but I couldn.t seem to hold the leash while driving the scooter or chair. Someone told me about this hands-free leash, and it’s been a gamechanger.

Wheelchair Side Bag

I use this in and out of the house. It holds my phone, pills, and glasses so I don’t have to worry about what room I left them in. I can also keep a bottle of water, so I always have one.

Wheelchair Side Bag for Laptop

This bag is good for bigger items. I can put my laptop and kindle in it, use it to carry some snacks and dog treats.

Scooter & Wheelchair  Cup Holder

I originally got this when I was using a walker. I got another for my mobility scooter. My power chair has one built in, but if you don’t in your wheelchair, I recommend it. It’s a perfect fit for my morning coffee.

Rug Grippers

It wasn’t too bad with the scooter, but when I started using the power wheelchair I was constantly getting caught up in and moving around my bathroom rugs! These grippers are wonderful. It says wood, but I have them on tile and they work great to keep the rugs from moving.

Set of two sliding organizers

I saw this and it looked like a good idea. I was right. We re-organized my deep cabinets and these slides right out, so everything is closer to my chair.


Coffee Maker Sliding Storage Organizer Rack

I love this! It solves so many issues. First, I have a place to keep my pods. I confess that I like to have a lot of options. Then, the whole shelf—coffee pot and pod holder—slides forward so I can move the pot out from the counter and get it closer to me to fill the water and turn it on. There’s also side holders for mugs, and a place to put my frother.

My Devices
I just switched to a custom power chair for the majority of my use because my doctors and therapists felt it is more stable. Insurance only covers very few wheelchairs and one heavy duty scooter. I still have my old scooter I had purchased before I qualified for one.

I’ve been asked which one I have. This is the scooter: Buzzaround Carryon. It’s only 65 lbs. and folds down for rolling. If I don’t have my van or another with room for my 365 lb. power chair, I use this.




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