Wine, Spirits and Coffee (Together)

I have never received as much coffee before as I have in the past two months. The interesting thing is that there is a spirited theme to all of it. I also had a bit of wine in the mix, as well as a few tasty surprises.

Fruity deliciousness…

Maison Ferrand makes Mathilde fruit liqueurs that are handcrafted with ripe fruit and French spirits. I received two bottles to try out and they were exceptional.

The Mathilde Raspberry reminded me of Chambord, but it’s not quite as thick and is even more filled with raspberry flavor. I enjoyed sipping it over ice. It would be a wonderful addition to any cocktail (definitely a martini), hot chocolate, or coffee.

The Mathilde Peach is delicious and reminded me more of a summer day with a lighter cocktail or mixed with club soda . I’d also love this in a frozen drink, such as a daiquiri or margarita.

French wine launch…

I wasn’t able to make the official tasting, but I still got to sample the launch of LGV wines. These French wines are made by predominately female wine makers who have been critically acclaimed. They also believe in keeping the process good for the environment and the wine drinkers.

First, I’d like to give a huge shoutout to whomever designed the individual bottles. They are plastic and easy to carry, and a very reasonable serving. The Le Grand Verre Domaine Caylus Rosé 2020 was my favorite, fruit-filled and light enough for a fall picnic. It’s also from a region I visited and tasted my way through, Languedoc-Roussillon.

The two 2019 reds, Le Grand Verre Domaine Nadal Hainaut and Le Grand Verre Château Peyredon, are also quite good. The Domaine Nadal Hainaut is a cabernet sauvignon, full of blackberry and cassis, while the Château Peyredon adds merlot into the mix, giving it more of a red fruit mouth.

All of the LGV wines are reasonably priced from $25-30 for four individual bottles.

Make some food to go with it…

Tre Olive sent me some of their extra virgin olive oil. I tasted it and was impressed with how light it was, making it a great salad dressing mixer. The real test is in the cooking.

I used it to sauté garlic for my sauce and it cooked light and full of flavor. I’ve since been using it as my first choice in preparing foods and I highly recommend it. 

Bourbon in my coffee…

Whether you chose it whole bean or ground, you will want to pick up a package of Fire Department Coffee Vanilla Bean Spirit Infused. I have never had such a taste-filled coffee straight from the pot, without the need to add anything too it.

The bourbon was there, but subtle, and the vanilla was deliciously pronounced. Best of all, profits are for a good cause, helping first responders.

They also have an espresso, which is bold, but not harsh, that’s worth getting too. You can purchase all the Fire Department Coffees on their website.

Quick and easy hot cocktails…
I think the case from Cask & Kettle was one of my favorite packages this year. This ingenious idea puts alcohol directly in coffee (and apple cider) K-Cups.

These are not lightweight cocktails. They range from 60 to 76 proof. There are five different varieties of Cask & Kettle and there are instructions on using them if you don’t have a Keurig coffee maker. I do so it was simple to try them and I enlisted some friends as I tried them all.

I liked them all. The Mexican Coffee had just the right amount of tequila so it was sweet, but not overpowering. The Irish Coffee, the most potent with both vodka and Irish whisky, was a less sugary treat, but that was made up for with some whip cream on top.  The Apple Cider had just a subtle hint of vodka and the spice of fall fruit.

It’s tough to pick my favorite of the Cask & Kettle cups as I’m torn between the Hot Blonde, a strong, sweet vanilla with vodka, and the Mint Patty, which tastes just like its namesake with a vodka surprise. 

They are a good deal at $15 for warm cocktails, especially with the colder nights approaching. You can buy them in most places alcohol is sold.

A CBD surprise from Martha…

I recently had a stay at Sable at Navy Pier and received a selection of Martha Stewart’s CBD collection, made with Canopy Growth.


I’ve tried quite a few CBD topicals with mixed results but these were very different: gummies and flavored sparkling water. The drink I had was Cucumber Mint and, in addition to feeling a little bit more relaxed, the taste was delicious. I’d say the same about the Berry Medley Gummies.


You can purchase these here.


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