What a busy month!

Life is continually changing in 2020 and I am going with the flow. I had already cut down on traveling for health issues, and Covid-19 has made that part of my life non-existent. With all the time I’ve spent at home, I’m glad the product reviews have increased. I’ve found some wonderful things I’d like to pass along.

As always, I appreciate it if you purchase through my affiliate links below.

Brunch cocktails for your picnic…

What a great idea this is: your favorite brunch cocktails canned for takeout.

There’s still time to enjoy the outdoors and we’ve all been doing a lot more takeout than restaurant dining this year. We Picnic Brunch has Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s canned for you to take wherever you’re going.

I absolutely loved the Bloody Mary, full of flavor with a little spice. It’s 5.5% ABV. The Mimosa is not quite what you might be used to as it has some other fruit flavors (not specified) in addition to the usual orange juice, but it is good. It has a 6.9% abv.

Oats, the new dairy alternative…


It used to be almonds and now it’s oats, the latest alternative to dairy in milk and other products.

Oatsome makes milk out of oats for those who want (or need) to stay away from dairy. They sent me some of their chocolate milk. You really can’t taste the oats, whether you are putting it in hot chocolate, a smoothie, or drinking it on its own.

As with any chocolate milk, this isn’t diet food at 150 calories and 16 grams of sugar, but it is a good treat that’s vegan, nut-free, and organic. Purchase Oatsome Chocolate here.  

A multi-use travel bag…

I may not be traveling at the moment, but I’m definitely going to be using this Carry on Garment Bag in the future. I love all the options it has, from putting in a dress or suit that will stay wrinkle-free, to the pockets suitable for clothes, shoes, toiletries and more.

The best thing is that this easily rolls up as a lightweight duffle that should fit the requirements of most airlines. The only thing is that it is light and I wouldn’t put anything too heavy in it.  You can buy it here.  

Wireless charger deal…

Wireless charges are convenient and easy to continue using your phone with while they are charging. You also can avoid all those wires all over the place.

This two-pack Wireless Charger from Choetech is a great deal at $21.99 (there’s even a 15% coupon available now). You’ll receive one to stand up and one you can lay down. They also include the cords. That’s a big plus with me as I’m constantly having to buy cords and plugs separately.

Just keep in mind that no wireless charger will be as fast as a lightening cord, however, it looks a lot nicer on your desk or nightstand.

More pumpkin spice peanut butter…

I am still having fun with that jar of PBFit Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter. This week, I created a delicious Peanut Butter Pumpkin Spice Mug Cake. Check out the recipe here.

Finds for Teddy…

As I mentioned last month, I have a new puppy. Word has gotten out and Teddy is starting to receive products of his own!

The Power Pets Lick Mat is perfect to keep your puppy busy, whether you are cutting nails, giving him a bath, brushing him, or you just need a break. I just lightly spread some peanut butter on it and Teddy was happily occupied for nearly a half hour!

Another must have for pets is this Dog Travel Water Bottle. Even with the warm weather over, dogs need water and this makes it easy to carry water for him, and easy for him to drink it out of. These also have a place for food and are available on Amazon.

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