Get Clean on the Inside and Out

There’s no doubt that fall is here. Pumpkin spice is appearing everywhere and there is definitely a chill in the air. We are all craving different things and I certainly have them.

Let’s start with the pumpkin…
When I heard PBFit, the healthy and delicious powdered peanut butter, now has a Pumpkin Spice, I couldn’t wait to try it. Once I got the container, I did have to think about it. It turns out there is quite a few things you can do with it, from adding it to yogurt and smoothies, to sprinkling it on oatmeal.

I wanted to create something unique with it. Since I have a new puppy in the house, I was thinking about dog treats. On the other hand, cookies sounded like a good idea. Why not do one that you can use for both? That’s exactly what I did when I created Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter Cookies. Check out the recipe here. Both Teddy and I loved them.

More Flax 4Life…
I mentioned last month that I had received a big box of Flax4Life products. I found two more products in the box that I’d like to recommend.

The Flax4Life Wild Blueberry Muffin was really delicious. It’s packed with nine grams of protein, six grams of fiber, and 4460 mg of Omega 3.  My favorite part is that it’s full of real blueberries.

For another healthy fruit-filled treat, I tried the Flax4Life Hawaiian Snacking Granola. These soft piece of granola are gluten-free, with five grams of protein and 2440 mg of Omega 3. The natural flavors from pineapple, mango, and coconut are great. They also come in Apple Cinnamon. 

Keep it clean…
I received another box of products to try out from Scott’s Liquid Gold, who now owns Biz , Dryel, and OxiClean. It was quite a collection and I can tell you that I see the difference in my clothes, as well as Teddy’s.

I’m not getting dressed up much these days, but my friend, Betty, works in an office and made good use of the Dryel At Home dry cleaner. For less than the dry cleaner, without the trip, this kit gets your clothes steam cleaned in the dryer safely. They also smell great!

I’ve never tried any Biz Stain Fighter products before, but I am sold after trying their detergent and booster. They work for most of my laundry (I didn’t take a chance of the brightening on darks), even in cold water.  Even Teddy's stuffed toys are looking brighter. 

OxiClean has always been in my laundry room as a stain remover. Now, I don’t need to wait until then to use it. They have a Stain Stick which works quickly and easily, and is easy to carry around. There’s even a tip to scrub the liquid in to make sure it’s absorbed.

More dressing...
I’m getting toward the end of the Plant Junkie products. It’s a terrific line and the Chia Ranch Dressing did not disappoint, although I wouldn’t say typical ranch is the outstanding taste. Like their other products, it’s 100% plant-based and includes avocado oil. 


A reminder...
I receive many products complimentary to try, with the understanding that I only write about what I like. You will never see a product on here just because I got it for free. I only write about what I like. There are affiliate links to some products and I always appreciate the little bit of income from clickthroughs ;)



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