Some Flavorful Ogden Spirits

Things have slowed down since the holidays, but I did get a few tasty spirits this month you’ll definitely want to check out.

Porter’s Fruit Whiskey…
When Porter’s asked if I wanted to try out some of their whiskey, I looked at the selection and responded, “Yes” very quickly. It was hard to chose what to try first, but the Peach and Huckleberry sounded like good choices.

Porter’s has produced their whiskey in their micro-distillery in Ogden, Utah, since 2009. Their flavored whiskey (they also have Fire and Apple) consists of Canadian whiskey blended with fruit.

Tasting the Porter’s Peach Liqueur gives you no doubt there are actual peaches involved in the making. This is not just a flavored whiskey. The flavor is strong, with just a bit of sweetness, to give you a great sipper. While I enjoy cocktails out, at home I prefer to have bottles like this you can enjoy with a little ice.

The same could be said about the Huckleberry Liqueur from Porter’s. The peach was a hard act to follow, but Porter’s Huckleberry was a welcome change from the ordinary flavors. It’s a little less sweet than the peach, with enough fruit flavor to make it fine alone or in cocktails.  (You can check out their website for some cocktail recipe ideas.)

Just remember that these are both whiskey-based, and have the 66% proof to go with it.

An Herb-Filled Treat …
Underground Herbal Spirit is actually produced under the same Ogden’s Own brand as Porter’s, but it’s a totally different product.

At first taste, I immediately noted the anise and thought of Sambuca, a favorite of my grandfather’s, but I soon realized the consistency wasn’t as thick, and it wasn’t as sweet. That’s when whole bunch of other flavors exploded in my mouth.

It’s actually 33 flavors I tasted, as that’s the number that make up the Underground Herbal Spirit Liqueur. Among the ones that stand out the most (other than the anise) are the citrus, mint, and cardamom.

I began sipping Underground with ice, but admit it was a bit too much flavor at once after the first two very enjoyable tastes. I added in a bit of water, while my friends mixed it with Coke. We are all fans of this spirit, which was selected as the Best Liqueur in the America's at the Spirits of the America's Competition.

​In case you need another reason to try Underground Herbal Spirit, there’s the added ginseng, which has been touted to boost the immune system.

Off for February…
I’m heading into surgery and will probably not get to review any products in February. I will be back in March with more spirits, food, travel, and beauty products. In the meantime, browse my Amazon Influencer page. They’ve asked me to put up some recommendations and I have some great ones.


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