Holiday Gift Ideas

While I received a variety of products this month, I decided to concentrate on some gift ideas for this column. We are all adjusting our shopping these days and online is a good way to go. Just remember that the post office is also having a rough year so be sure to allow enough time for your presents to arrive.

I always appreciate it if you purchase through my affiliate links below. Also, if you are looking for handmade gifts, my Etsy shop is filled with crocheted creations.

Give Himalayan Salt a try…

I have tried a salt cave and found it relaxing and felt my breathing to be a little better. I have been thinking about getting a Himalayan Salt Lamp at home so I was excited when I received this one to try out.

This is rather impressive for the $19.99 price. Not only does it contain the salt, but it has a wireless remote to control a dimmer night light and white noise.

I can’t tell you all my health problems have been cured, but that tickle in my throat that often wakes me up hasn’t happened since I’ve had the lamp there.

A holiday top to give or keep…

It’s always nice to have something new to wear for the holidays and this top is great to give or get for yourself. Despite the face that the description uses the words “casual” and “sweatshirt,” the material and open back lends itself to dress.

 I love the brown color, which is more of a rust. It also comes in other options and looks like it is well worth more than the price of $16.99. 

Great Leggings on a budget…
That top goes great with these leggings. They are very sturdy, not at all see through, and give lots of support. They also have a bit of a shine to them so they can easily be dressed up – for $21.99.

 If you want to be a bit more daring than the standard black, check out the camel, black leopard, and camouflage.

The toy for every dog…

When I first got this toy, I didn’t think it would be of use to my 6 lb. Yorkie puppy. I was definitely wrong. He loves it. It’s solid and has all different textures and noises. He’ll be playing with it for a long time and I think my pit bull grand dogs would even have a hard time destroying this. 

Bring your pet along…
Teddy is training to be a service dog, but since he is small, I don’t want to take a chance of him getting caught in the wheels of my scooter. That’s why I was so excited to try this bag. It works fine for my GoGo Scooter.

I love the fact that it has a built-in cover so there’s room for Teddy to stick his head out, or me to fill it with groceries or a water bottle.

Of course, this is meant for a bicycle and would also be a great gift for the bike rider in your life. 

Everyone needs this humidifier…

Dry skin, dry mouth, dry hair… everything is dry in the winter time when the heat is on. A humidifier is the perfect way to stay moist. This one, priced at only $32.99, has bonus features.

The Toppin Humidifier is cool mist so it won’t be sweating and it's very quiet. It also has a night light and diffuser for essential oils. I have mine in the living room with gentle scents of vanilla and cinnamon during the day, and lavender at night to help the puppy sleep better (it works). 

Another way to give relaxation…

I don’t find much more relaxing than a hot bath and it’s made even better with the right bath pillow. This pillow checks all the boxes in softness, comfort, and support, plus it’s easy to clean. 


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