Fun and Tasty Treats for Halloween Month

Halloween isn’t the only thing fun this month. I got to try some new products, that included a kitchen creation.

Black Box Spirits…
I’ve had mixed feelings about Black Box wines. I thought a few were good, but when my local bar replaced their pinot grigio with Black Box, I switched to another blend.

I can’t say anything bad about the Black Box whiskey, vodka, and tequila. They were all fantastic, and so easy to put out at a party. I especially had my doubts about the whiskey (whiskey in a box?), but it had nice vanilla notes and blended well in the cocktails we made.

Speaking of Wine…
Just the Wine  is for people like me who are sensitive to sulfites, a compound used in food to prevent browning (think about all those bright vegetables on the salad bar).
Sulfites are most known for being in red wine, though they are there to a lesser extent in white wines. It’s sulfites that are responsible for “red wine headaches” in people who are sensitive to them. I tend to avoid red wine because of sulfites, yet I was able to finish a glass by adding three drops of Just the Wine. (It does not alter the taste in any way.)

You can purchase Just the Wine at Amazon.

Sweet Potato Toast? Yes, please…
For the record, I am way over the cauliflower craze. It would probably be more accurate to say I was never into it at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I love cauliflower – as a vegetable on my plate, next to the rice, pasta, or potatoes. It’s not rice, pasta, or potatoes just because you change the shape.

Anyway, when Caulipower offered to send me some samples, I had to warn them in advance where I stand. Their Turkey Pepperoni Pizza wasn’t bad, if you like your crust to taste like cauliflower, not crust. They did send something else that I had no reservations about – Sweet Potatotoasts.

I am a sweet potato fan so the idea of such a convenient packet in my freezer was a winner to me. I popped a couple in my toaster and then sprinkled them with cinnamon for a meal finisher. Another time, I layered a couple with some margarine and through them in the microwave for a couple of minutes.

Sweet Potatotoasts is definitely something I’d recommend buying, just remember that they are raw and frozen, so turn your toaster on the highest setting, or cook accordingly in the microwave.

And, this month’s creation…
I took a break from trying out Pereg products to do something completely out of the ordinary: make a dish with Edward & Sons Organic Young Jackfruit. I decided to go with a recipe that mimics pulled pork, using the jackfruit. I told a few friends I was bringing it to a pot luck and they were skeptical. Well, it was a big hit. In fact, one person didn’t even realize it was jackfruit and not pork!

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how much healthier it is, not to mention fat free. You can find the recipe for Pulled Jackfruit on my Pinterest page. You can purchase the Edward & Sons Jackfruit at Amazon.


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