Don’t Forget These for your Holiday Season

It’s that time a year when entertaining includes indulging in not only food, but wine. Check out these finds for your holiday table.

Apple Pie in a Glass…
Who says apple pie is just for dessert? Not Oliver Winery. They’ve released an Apple Pie wine this year which doesn’t take like fruit wine or cider, it takes like apple pie! They fresh press tart apples and mix it with all your pie seasoning favorites, such as cinnamon and nutmeg, so it’s not a super sweet wine and is refreshing before, during, and after holiday dinners.
My kind of Pinot…
Some mean Noir, but with me it’s usually Grigio. I found two to love this month and they’re both within everyone’s budget.

Mommy’s Time Out Pinto Grigio is a delicious treat. It’s fruity and light, and under $15. Have a few bottles around for the holiday as your go-to white.

In the same price range is Astoria Alisia Pinot Grigio. This one is also good, but with more lemon notes if you prefer a more citrusy pinot.

Have some Popcorn with that…
I happen to love popcorn, even when it’s plain, but I found a few that have outdone themselves this month.

If you live in Chicago – or have ever travelled through it – you certainly know about Garrett’s Popcorn. They make some superb flavors, the most popular of which is their original CaramelCrisp®.  I had the chance to try their new Buffalo. Like the chicken wings, it has quite a kick. It’s a nice change from the sweet and the tin went pretty quickly during the tasting.

I confess that I personally usually go for the sweet over savory. Popcorn Indiana sure had me pegged when they sent samples of their latest, Dark Chocolate Peppermint and the Dark Chocolate Fudge Drizzled. I’m not much of a binger, I usually have a bit of a treat each day, but neither bag lasted the night! Pick up some for the holidays and you’ll forget about the candy canes.

Don’t forget the Snacks…

When I start cooking feasts I often forget to eat myself. That’s why it’s good to have some quick snacks around. GoMacro sent me a sampler of their new Thrive Bars and they are a healthy treat with organic ingredients, such as hemp, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, and natural sugars. My favorites are the Caramel Coconut, Blueberry Lavender, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. 


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