Plan for a Thanksgiving Getaway

While many think of Thanksgiving as a day to fill the house with family and turkey with all the trimmings, that doesn’t always work for everyone. I happen to have a small family scattered around the country. I also know of others who have no family, or just prefer to get away from all the hassle and turn the four day weekend into an ideal vacation.

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Holiday travel can often be very expensive. This isn’t usually the case with Thanksgiving, especially if you look at places that don’t celebrate the holiday. I once took my mom and daughter to Paris for the long weekend and had no problem using points and miles, and getting bargains on the rest.

This year it will be Mom and me on a Seabourn cruise through the Caribbean. I can’t wait to check out this luxury line. I’ll be tweeting and doing social media along the way and writing lots of stories when I return.

Here are some other ideas for planning a Thanksgiving getaway….

If a cruise of your own sounds good, another one that I may squeeze in before the end of the year is a Viking River Cruise through the Christmas Markets of Europe. There are a number of different itineraries. I’m leaning toward the one that goes through Germany, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia. You’ll find some great deals on select cruises before and during the holidays.

 What could be better than Thanksgiving in a castle? AshfordCastle in Ireland, a five star property, is offering a chance to spend three nights for the price of two (and let someone else prepare the feast). This castle is on 350 acres along the shore of the River Cong and Lough Corrib. With only 83 guest rooms, you’ll received personalized attention.

New England is an obvious place for a Thanksgiving celebration. Check out the Hartstone Inn in Camden, Maine. This bed and breakfast has begun offering an “On the Rocks” package that includes welcome cocktails, an hors d’oeurves filled reception, a personalized glass blowing adventure, a five-course tasting dinner for two, deluxe accommodations and a gourmet breakfast for two. Details are available at, or call (800) 788-4823.

If it’s Canadian Thanksgiving you are looking to celebrate, you should check out the Chefs on the Edge Thanksgiving Weekend” at the FogoIsland Inn. It takes place October 11-14. Chefs Todd Perrin, Jeremy Charles, Roary Macpherson, Michelle LeBlanc and Shaun Hussey will join Fogo Island Inn’s Chef Murray McDonald for a weekend that includes: a welcome reception and bonfire; guided hike; seven course gourmet dinner; brunch; dialogue with the chefs; artist-led drawing session; and a private film screening.


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