A Collection of Cognac Cocktails

As I confessed when I first arrived in Cognac, it was not one of my favorite spirits when I tried to drink it neat. All that changed, though, when I started tasting some "Cognac Cocktails." I was amazed at how well cognac mixed, giving a unique flavor to even the old standards (try substitute cognac for vodka or gin the next time you're mixing tonic; or as the base of a Mojito). Here are a few of the recipes I came home with:

Pink Love
Pour 20 ml (approx. 3/4 oz) of VSOP Cognac in a tall glass;
Add 10 ml of Raspberry Liqueur
Pour 90 ml of Champagne
Top with a Raspberry.

Place ice cubes in a short glass;
Add 30 ml of VSOP Cognac;
Pour in 20 ml of Limonade;
Top with a sprig of Mint.

Lancer Franc
Place ice cubes in a shaker;
Pour in 20 ml of VS or VSOP Cognac
Add 10 ml Strawberry Liqueur
and 90 ml Orange Juice;
Put a lid on the shaker and shake well;
Strain the liquid into a tall glass;
Top with a Strawberry.

Cognac Summit
Place lime zest and ginger slices in a glass;
Pour in 20 ml of VSOP Cognac;
Lightly press the lime and ginger with a pestle;
Half fill the glass with ice cubes;
Stir well
Pour in an additional 20 ml. of VSOP Cognac;
Add 60 ml of lemonade and a cucumber peel;
Stir and serve.

As for my favorite cocktail with cognac, it was actually made just for me, but I'm happy to share. An allergy to citrus kept me from enjoying the Cognac Summit, so a creative bartender at Chateau de L’Yeuse put this together for me….

Lightly press ginger in a glass;
Add 1 oz VSOP Cognac;
Half fill the glass with ice cubes;
Fill the glass with pineapple juice;
Stir and enjoy!
Let's just call it a "Happy Marcia!"

For more great cognac cocktail recipes, visit the official cognac website.


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