Back with Lots of Goodies!

It’s been awhile, I know. I’ve been battling health problems the last few years so a major spine surgery has put me (literally) on my back for months. I’m able to sneak in a little tasting now and then. I thought it was about time I took a little time to tell my readers all about some of the great stuff I’ve found.

All you need is cheese…
That’s all you will find in Just the Cheese Crackers. Not only are these snacks tasty, but they are perfect for many who had given up on crackers. They are gluten-free and low in carbs since it’s all cheese and no wheat. They are available in bars and mini bites, in a range of flavors.

Just the Cheese sent me an assortment of flavors so I was able to try them with some friends. They were unanimously loved, with the Wisconsin Cheddar and Grilled Cheese as favorites. You can pick some up on Amazon for a nutritious snack for the whole family.

A box of shots…
Here’s a unique idea for a monthly gathering or to give as a gift. The Shots Box combines two great ideas: a chance to try a selection of shots, and the chance to discover craft spirits you might not haven known about.

I loved the idea when I first heard about it and I’m glad it’s been doing well. It was a lot of fun for a few friends and I to open up the box at a recent gathering and be surprised about what we would be sampling. We discovered some new spirits, in this case Adelaide’s Dreamscicle Orange Wine Cream and Sipsong Spirits Gin and found a new go-to gift.

The Shots Box is $39.99 a month. Each one contains 10 different mini bottles, as well as recipe cards if you’d like to make them into cocktails. You can also share reviews and purchase full-size bottles of anything you’d like on their website.

Your favs turned vegan…
I’ve done a strictly vegetarian diet and currently consider myself a flexitarian. Vegan is one thing I couldn’t see myself ever sticking too. Dairy and eggs are too much a part of my diet. I especially love (as you may have noticed above) cheese.

The Dirty Vegan by Catherine Gill is an interesting compilation of the food we all love to eat and think we can’t if we turn vegan, as well as some delicious vegan recipes that we won’t believe are void of all animal by products.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of vegan cheese and would just as well skip the “Slow Cooker Two-Cheese Broccoli Cheddar Soup” and “Artisan Sicilian Pizza,” but I’m happily serving tasty dishes such as “Vegan Pancakes,” “Olive Oil Biscuits,” “Harvest Apple and Acorn Squash Soup,” and “Easy Ratatouille Stew” if I have vegan friends over or I’m looking for a meatless meal.

I do wish the author would have done the obvious and simply made the “Classic Chili” without ‘beef crumbles,” but that’s easy enough to alter.  The Dirty Vegan is available here.

Shoutout to Lisa’s Pie Shop…
When I was in Hamilton County, Indiana, I was welcomed with a goodie basket that included Peach Pie-in-a-Jar from Lisa’s Pie Shop. I finally had a chance to put it in a pie shell and it was absolutely delicious!

Keep it clean…
Cheese and liqueurs can definitely leave their mark on your mouth. I even have something for that. I received a sample of Dr. Plotka’s Mouth Watcher’sToothbrush to try out. The brush, which comes in adult and child sizes, is made from naturally antimicrobial bristles that are thin enough to floss as you brush.

Dr. Ronald Plotka, who has been a dentist in Boston for more than 40 years, created this toothbrush.

My mouth did feel a bit cleaner after brushing. I can’t promise this toothbrush will solve all your dental problems, but at less than $5 each, you really can’t go wrong buying one to try as your next replacement.


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