Satisfy your Hunger and Thirst with these New Products

I loved the options that arrived on my doorstep this month and I think you will too.

Stock your fridge with Muuna Cottage Cheese…
It’s no secret that I tend to eat lots of extra calories when I’m traveling. Things are a lot different at home, where I’m looking for healthy options.

Yogurt is usually may go to for packing protein in a quick cup. I’m always careful to pick the least amount of sugar too. Now, I have another option, Muuna Cottage Cheese.

They sent me a case in plain, black cherry, and raspberry. They were all delicious, with fruit and little sugar, and only about 120 calories. A small container of Muuna Cottage Cheese is also loaded with  at least 15 grams of protein.

In addition to the flavors I tried, it also now comes in peach, blueberry, strawberry, and mango. Check for it in your supermarket.

An Instant Coffee find from Alpine Start...
Alpine Start Instant Coffee sent me a box of their instant coffee, made from high altitude Arabica beans. The idea was to make a product similar to Starbuck’s Via, only better. I think they’ve succeeded.

I poured a packet into a glass full of ice and water, then topped it with a little almond milk. It was delicious. The coffee flavor is fresh and distinct, and it blended in with no pebbly taste. (Does anyone remember Sanka?)

I can’t say I loved it hot, I felt it was a little thin, unless I put it in a small cup. It is great for rubs (i.e. steak, chicken) and smoothies. Skip the frapuccino and make yourself something delicious with one of these little packets.

ArT Wine Preserver so you don’t have to finish the bottle…
...Of course, you may want to, but it’s no longer necessary. The ArT Wine Preserver will keep preserving that same bottle of wine. You can pour a glass, but it back in the refrigerator or wine rack, and not worry about what it will taste like.

A two second spray of argon displaces the oxygen in the bottle to keep the wine fresh. I gaspiritstraveler-20ve it a try and you couldn’t tell the bottle had previously been opened. It’s well-worth the $15 investment to preserve up to 50 bottles of wine. You can buy it on Amazon right now.


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