10 Places I Hope to Go Next Year

As 2013 comes to a close, I’m torn between having spent too much time in the air and having not made it to some of the places I wish to go. The “bucket list” seems to get longer every year, but it also changes as I hear about locations that I hadn’t originally thought of.

My goal is to make it to all 10 of these destinations for their beaches, wine, spirits, food and/or spectacular accommodations. I’ve already been to the last three, but I’m long overdue for a return trip.

Happy New Year no matter where or when you travel! Feel free to add your ideas to the comments.

Panama-This is one of the hottest destinations right now and as more new and unusual hotels get built, my desire to visit grows.

Fiji/Tahiti-If I’m going to head to the South Pacific, I’d like to get as much for the trip as possible. Don’t ask me to choose from all the marvelous islands there.

Tuscany-I have loved every Italian wine region I’ve been to and can’t wait to get to this one. Maybe I’ll even find a house and check out life “under the Tuscan sun.”

Asia-I know, it’s a whole continent, but I’m having so much trouble narrowing it down. It looks like I’ll be doing this one on a cruise with a fellow travel writer, but we haven’t yet picked the ship/itinerary. I’d like to include Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore and Hong Kong – at least.

Belize-This has become another hotspot as it becomes developed, but not too much. I’m looking forward to finding out for myself.

New Zealand-As if seeing this beautiful country wasn’t enough, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is my favorite wine category.

South Africa-Ditto on the wine and scenery, plus I can add in the roar of a lion and stomping of elephants in some of the most luxurious glamping spots in the world.

Hawaii-My last trip to Hawaii was years ago on a Norwegian cruise. The trip went from Honolulu to Honolulu so I got to spend a full day on each of the major islands. Now I’m ready for more exploring.

Israel-Food, wine, history, the Mediterranean Sea, the Dead Sea… one trip in my childhood was definitely not enough.

Montreal-I remember going to Montreal quite a few times growing up as it was close to New York. As an adult, I’ve had too few, too short trips. I’ve been hearing about everything Montreal has to offer a lot lately. It’s time to check it out myself.


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