Monday, September 30, 2019

Ready for Fall?

Fall is when the products I receive begin to increase, in anticipation of the holiday season. While I’m not quite ready to rush into Thanksgiving, I do have to keep up! Here’s some of the best that I’ve gotten to try out this month.

DeLille Cellars Wines…
It’s been a few years since I’ve visited Washington state to check out their wine regions. Woodinville was a spot I really liked because it’s close to Seattle and contains a quite a few wineries, as well as tasting rooms for wineries from other areas of the state.

One of the wineries there, DeLille Cellars, recently sent me three wines that were quite good.

The 2016 Four Flags Cabernet Sauvignon is smoky and oaky, with a sweet cherry nose and a long finish of herbs and fruit. The flavors finish dry, as a good cab should.

As good as the Cabernet Sauvignon is, I am more drawn to the DeLille Cellars D2. The chocolate-filled smell attracted me and the light, fruity taste kept me drinking. I loved the black raspberry mix, with a hint of cocoa.

The 2018 DeLille Cellars Chaleur Blanc is an interesting blend of semillion and sauvignon blanc. It’s lightly oaked and a bit buttery from French oak. The citrus finish is satisfying as well.
True root beer taste...
I am not a soda drinker, but give me a good root beer and I’ll really enjoy it. Although I was skeptical at first, I was pleasantly surprised that Root Out Whisky has that delicious root beer flavor.

This combination of vanilla and sassafras and aged Canadian whisky is a winner. While my ideal would be with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, I was more than happy to just sip it over ice.

Keep it healthy and green…
NatureZway™ sent me two of their eco-friendly cleaning products. They are made from bamboo and are reusable, making them better for the environment and cheaper to use in the long run.

The Vegetable Brush is made with natural fibers. It works well on fruits and vegetables and cleans easily.

You won’t need to buy anymore paper towels if you purchase the Perforated Towels. I haven’t had them long enough to prove the claim that they can be used 100x, but I can tell you they clean well and can easily be rinsed out and reused.

More from ChocZero and Beyond Equator…
I’m still experimenting with the products I received from ChocZero and Beyond Equator. This month, I came up with some delicious ChocZero Superfood Brownie Bars.